Attend the 2018 conference.

TEDxCornell | May 6, 2018


Our plan.

This year at TEDxCornell, our team is working to bring together a diverse group of influential individuals ready to share their ideas and innovations with the world, right here in Ithaca, New York at our biggest event to date. 

What we're about.


Ideas worth spreading.

TED and TEDx share a common mission: to share "ideas worth spreading." The TEDx program was created to support independent groups or individuals who want to bring TED-like experiences to their local communities through independently-organized events. In spirit of TED, TEDx brings people together to spark conversation and connection within a community. A typical TEDx event takes place within the span of a day, and it involves a series of short presentations and performances. During and after a TEDx event, members of the audience are given a chance to interactively engage in conversation with other audience members and speakers alike.  

Who's involved.