TEDxCornellU 2015, themed traditions and transitions, explored a range of ideas on where we've come from and where we're headed. We were happy and privileged to be able to host the speakers detailed below.

Dr. Fredrik Logevall

Fredrik Logevall

International Historian2013 Pulitzer Prize for History

Fredrik Logevall is a Swedish-American historian and educator at Cornell University, where he is the Stephen and Madeline Anbinder Professor of History. He is a specialist in U.S. foreign policy and the Vietnam Wars, and serves as the Vice Provost for International Affairs. His latest book, Embers of War, won the Pulitzer Prize for History in 2013 as well as the inaugural American Library in Paris Book Award. At TEDxCornell, Fred will talk about the deep reality of the Vietnam War and what lessons it has for us moving forward.

Jon Kleinberg

Network ScientistMacArthur Fellow and Nevanlinna Prize winner

Jon Kleinberg is the Tisch University Professor of Computer Science and Information Science at Cornell University. His research focuses on issues at the interface of networks and information, with an emphasis on the social and information networks that underpin the Web and other on-line media. His TEDxCornell talk will focus on the impact of data and networks on science and society.

Barbara Lang

Barbara Lang

Courtesy AdvocateAdvisory Chairperson for EGBOK (hospitality training nonprofit in Cambodia)

Barbara Lang is a veteran public speaker, career coach, etiquette engager, connector and food entrepreneurship consultant with over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. With a long and diverse career nationally and internationally, Barbara believes that developing a "Hospitality Mindset", no matter the circumstance, leads to an enhanced and distinctive style of engagement benefiting everyone – both in and out of the workplace. Barbara's TEDxCornell talk focuses on how we can each change the world everyday by first changing our behavior towards the people who cross our path on a daily basis.

Karim Abouelnaga_low res.jpg

Karim Abouelnaga

Education EntrepreneurForbes 30 under 30 in Education

As a sophomore at Cornell University in 2011, Karim Abouelnaga founded Practice Makes Perfect, a nonprofit organization that aims to redefine the summer learning experience for low-income youth. Research has found that two thirds of achievement gaps can be explained by unequal access to summer learning, so his organization is dedicated to a summer education program to support students from kindergarten through college matriculation. Karim will bring to TEDxCornell the ideas and notion of local contribution, not global competition.


Robert J. Sternberg

Intelligence Theorist - APA Monitor List of 100 Most Eminent Psychologists

Robert J. Sternberg created his first intelligence test while in seventh grade. Today, he is perhaps best known for his research on intelligence, love, cognitive styles, and creativity. His triarchic theory of intelligence focuses on what he refers to as "successful intelligence" which is composed of three elements: analytical intelligence, creative intelligence, and practical intelligence. At TEDxCornell, Bob will talk about problems with standardized testing.

Adarsh Jayakumar

Chess Player4th Highest Ranked United States Chess Player in Age Group

Before coming to Cornell, Adarsh Jayakumar traveled around the world as a professional chess player. He has taught chess in schools and prisons across the United States. His TEDxCornell talk focuses on how chess can be used as a tool for education, rehabilitation, and inspiration.

Nick Cheney

Computational BiologistNASA Space Technology Research Fellow

Nick Cheney is a Computational Biology PhD Candidate at Cornell and a Visiting Fellow at the Vermont Complex Systems Center.  His research focuses on emergent complexity in artificial life, with an emphasis on embodiment and morphology in evolving systems.  His TEDx talk will focus on the use of evolutionary algorithms as a method to invoke automated idea generation and computer creativity in functional and aesthetic design.

Miwa Takaki

Miwa Takaki

Cornell Tech MBAJohnson Fried Fellow & Forte Fellow

Miwa Takaki is a member of the inaugural MBA class at Cornell Tech, a new interdisciplinary program focused on innovation, technical leadership, and the cross-fertilization of ideas the digital age demands. She is also currently pursuing a Masters in Sustainability Management from Columbia University, and will soon be joining eBay’s Merchandising Algorithms team as a Sr. Technical Product Manager in New York City. At Cornell, Miwa has led a number of integrative projects including launching Hack Roosevelt Island Day – where Cornell Tech students taught coding and computer literacy to middle school students and senior citizens – and leading the first summer Bay Area Tech Trek for One-Year MBA students. At TEDxCornell, Miwa will talk about the importance of diversity for tomorrow’s leaders in technology and business.

Scott Seidenberger

AFROTC CadetIntroduced technology-based simulation training for Cornell ROTC

Scott Seidenberger is a junior in the Industrial and Labor Relations School at Cornell University. He has focused his undergraduate degree on the impact that technology has had on the culture, organization, and people of the U.S. military. At TEDxCornell, he will talk about integrating a new generation of non-physical combat operators into the military culture.

*The personal views expressed by the speaker are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of the United States Air Force or the Department of Defense.