TEDxCornell 2018

We're thrilled to be hosting Cornell's fourth TEDx event this year on May 6th, 2018. We plan to expand on what TEDx has been at Cornell in previous years and shoot for our biggest event yet. We are also hopeful that after this event, we can establish TEDx as a yearly tradition at Cornell.



TEDxCornellU 2015

Our event in 2015, themed Traditions and Transitions, explored a range of ideas about the past, present, and future. When and how does change come about in a community? How do we know if a tradition should be kept or if it's time to move on? Check out our 2015 event page if you want to learn more.



TEDxCornellU 2013

This event, with the theme Creating Just, Ecologically Sound Communities, celebrated the many ways in which knowledge is put to work in pursuit of economic vitality, ecological sustainability and social well-being. Take a look at the official TEDx page for this event for some more details.



TEDxCornell 2010

Our 2010 event was our first documented event. If you're interested, you can see some videos from the event here.